Grow. Lead. Change!


Grow. Lead. Change!


Quintet is a firm focused on delivering uncompromising customer experiences in the QSR space

Headquartered in the triangle, Quinet manages and operates limited service restaurants across the Southeastern US.

We are committed to fresh ingredients as well as direct engagement with our customers that promotes customer interactions that have meaning beyond any single guest occasion.



➤ Mailing Address

179 East Franklin Street #423
Chapel Hill, NC 27514-3647

(919) 590-9803


Areas of Interest

Fast Casual

Fast Casual dining is positioned at the forefront of changing consumer attitudes and habits about food consumption both outside and away from home. We think that the segment's commitment to quality and customer experience gives it not only an emerging presence but a long-term seat at the table in determining the future of the QSR space.  

Fast food

Fast Food has continued to take share over time independent offerings in the restaurant space.  The Fast Food segment's commitment to continually delivering "Good Value for Money" along with "Speed" will remain increasingly important in the years ahead.  We see an opportunity to embrace regional preferences and quality to meet consumer needs.

Casual dining

Casual Dining has faced a number of challenges in respect of making its larger box economics work overcome periodic pricing wars.  In the face of a consumer with evermore options, there remain a few niche opportunities where brands have remained committed to delivering "Good Value for Money" while also being unquestionably differentiated.

None of Us is as Good as All of Us.
— Ray Kroc